The Experts' Working Group on Cyber Security was adopted during the ADSOM-PLUS Meeting in 2014 in Vientiane, Lao PDR. It is one of the newly created EWG in ASEAN.

The Philippines and New Zealand as the inaugural co-chairs of the EWG on Cyber Security.


The establishment of the ADMM-Plus EWG on Cyber Security aims to promote practical and effective cooperation among the ASEAN Member States and Plus Countries to enhance capacity in protecting the region's cyberspace and addressing challenges to cyber security.


To enhance awareness on cyber security challenges and responsibilites of each nation and the international community to address such challenge;


  • To leverage capabilities of each nation in addressing cyber security challenges;
  • To encourage the ASEAN Member States, Plus Countries, and the international community to make common efforts to protect cyberspace;
  • To develop cooperative solutions and initiatives to effectively address security threats; and
  • To develop appropriate mechanisms for cooperation among the Defence and Military establishments of the ADMM-Plus countries and for coordination of military and civilian groups in addressing cyber security challenges.